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Tim Luke


Target audience

I enable the improved performance of:

  • Senior managers
  • Senior teams
  • Dysfunctional teams
Beliefs that relate to coaching and facilitation:
  • We're all interconnected and responsible for our actions.
  • People are fundamentally good. Situations, organisational cultures or sub-cultures can distort this healthy outlook.
  • Organisational politics are inevitable but waste a vast amount of energy.
  • People can transform themselves when they want to and when there is a compelling reason to change.
  • Change can occur through both 'aha moments' and discomfort.
  • My job is to support and challenge clients as they take responsibility and make their own, well informed business decisions.
Approaches consistent to both coaching and facilitation:

Quality relationships are vital to the whole process, starting with building an understanding of your:

The Approach
Signature presence

Responsible practice
  • I balance an adventurous attitude towards developing leaders and their teams with a sense of realism and responsibility.
  • I protect my client's best interests through a commitment to my ongoing development, underpinned by professional supervision.

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